Note that User-Centric Computing Group has currently decided to cancel Faculty Advisors, and takes a significant step as an independent, self-managing and self-running group. However, we are very active to connect outstanding members with responsible faculty members (with the mindsets as the same as our group's spirits). Therefore, there is no problems if the student members want to be in the good hands. :-)

Why are we CANCELING Faculty Advisors?

Initial Mindsets for Faculty Advisors: A broad and interdisciplinary group of Faculties are the guarantee of proper guidance in research activities within User-Centric Computing Group. We emphasize the importance of advising and mentoring, as well as external collaborations (e.g. visiting, internships and etc.), to expand the vision of our group and deepen the understanding of relevant concepts and techniques. Also, all faculty advisors appreciate and share the values of User-Centric Computing Group and help students as much as they could.

However, we observe three trends in terms of this setting:

(1) Research Freedom leads to Natural Conficts-of-Interests: One of the core spirits of User-Centric Computing Group is about RESEARCH FREEDOM. However, it becomes more and more apparent that, our group members were forced to carry out research outside their interests of fields (or even perform engineering-related efforts for money-making purposes). Therefore, to strive to the high standards of User-Centric Computing Group, we have to make students' research interests as the first-class priority in our mind, which makes us decide to cancel Faculty Advisors.

(2) Did Faculty Advisors actually make things Easier?: The main purpose of Faculty Advisors, initially, is to guarantee our students being mentored properly. However, it becomes more and more obvious that, our group members were NOT closerly mentored, properly guided and well-recognized. A more dangerous trend is to leverage our members as working labors. Therefore, to ensure the research focus of User-Centric Computing Group, we have to make students' research contributions properly recognized (w/ decent authorships), which significantly contributes to the canceling decision.

(3) The Growth of User-Centric Computing Group: The deciding factor of this decision, is the growth of User-Centric Computing Group. The stimulating and hard-working environment of our group has attracted many great individuals, and they start to become much capable to handle the responsibility of mentoring/guiding junior students. Therefore, to keep the purity of our spirits (i.e. student-centric, student-first and student-independent), we finally come to an agreement in terms of canceling Faculty Advisors.

We sincerely thank for all previous Faculty Advisors for their contributions. Becoming an independent research group shall also be credited to their dedicated and sincere contributions. We would keep intensive collaborations with them, and hopefully fruitful research outcome in the future!