Thanks for your interests in User-Centric Computing Group. We are always seeking for high-quality candidates, with the right mindset, to join us for novel research. We are particularly interested in candidates, who could (potentially) expand our research roadmap and bring novel insights to us.

Requirements: User-Centric Computing Group doesn't have any pre-requirements to all UNNC students, because it's our job to help you grow relevant skills and techniques (e.g. writing programs, designs, paper writing, presentations and etc.). The only requirement to be a group member is having the right mindset. We believe such quality could ensure our students to 1) be honest and sincere; 2) ambitious and well-purposed; 3) think big and aim high; and 4) strong work ethics.

For Applicants: Please provide your: 1) latest CV; 2) statement of purpose (~500 words); 3) research proposal (~500 words) [Optional]. And send them directly to the Current Project Manager. The notification date is usually within 14 working days, and we do reply all application requests even if it's unsuccessful.

Notes: Though we are open to applications, we do prefer to take students, who are recommended by our group members or faculty advisors, to ensure the quality of applicants. If you want to maximize your chances, feel free to contact any project leaders for more discussions.