Reflections on Research: User-Centric Computing Group regularly write its own technical reports and surveys for internally usages. Also, we summarize key stages and achievements of research progress for all interested student members.

Reflections on Group: User-Centric Computing Group also regularly rethinks its management styles, student experiences and possible solutions. Also, we are seeking for new approaches to incorporate students from different background and levels of expertises, where they could benefit greatly from their time during User-Centric Computing Group.

Notes: Major materials below are only available upon requests, except public versions have been generated.

Reflections on Research

  • Zhentao Huang, in December 2019.
    "The Current Status of BROOK Project: Face-to-Multimodal Estimators" [Confidential]

    The progress report of current status of BROOK database and its validations.

  • Shuolei Wang, in Novemeber 2019.
    "Onerios: Interactive Graphics Interfaces for Automatic Scene Generations" [Confidential]

    The progress report of current status of Onerios Project.

  • Zilin Song, in Novemeber 2019.
    "Omniverse: Toolkits for Agile Developments of Complicated Driving Scenarios" [Confidential]

    The progress report of current status of Omniverse Project.

  • Xiangjun Peng, in May 2019.
    "CHESTNUT: Fast, Scalable and Extremely Serendipitous Recommendations Meanwhile" [Confidential]

    The progress report of Project CHESTNUT.

    Reflections on Group

  • Xiangjun Peng, in Novemeber 2019.
    "User-Centric Computing Group Summary for the First Year: Reflections and Introspections" [To Be Released]

    The summary of the past research, management and reflections has been carried out, after running User-Centric Computing Group from 2019 to 2020, with the key emphasis of group transparency. Along with key introspections, Faculty Advisor, Mentoring and Alumni mechanisms were introduced into User-Centric Computing Group.
    All future research extensions and brainstorms have been skipped for confidential reasons.